Free Webinar: Testing the limits of CRISPR and piggyBac to eliminate multiple gene copies

Join us for a free webinar presented by Dr. Luhan Yang: Testing the limits of CRISPR and piggyBac to eliminate multiple gene copies.

Dr. Yang is an author of the Wang, G., et al. Nature Protocols1 paper and the co-founder and CSO of eGenesis. She is leading the effort to eradicate porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERVs) from the porcine genome and engineer human compatibility in porcine cells.

Transposagen's piggyBac transposon expressing the Cas9, CMV promoter

Transposagen offers flexible options for genome editing using CRISPR and piggyBac either together or separately. We provide a variety of off-the-shelf plasmids, including a piggyBac transposon expressing Cas9 similar to the Wang, G., et al. Nature Protocols1 paper. We also offer custom vector construction, cell line and rodent model creation services.

1. Wang, G. et al. (2017) Efficient, footprint-free human iPSC genome editing by consolidation of Cas9/CRISPR and piggyBac technologies. Nat Protoc. Jan;12(1):88-103.

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piggyBac™ transposon expressing Cas9, CMV promoter. Contains Puromycin resistance and Thymidine Kinase selection cassette (CRISPR-xPB™-CMV-Puro-TK)

Catalog #: SCP-001

piggyBac transposon expressing Cas9 driven by the CMV promoter. Contains puromycin resistance gene and Thymidine Kinase (TK) selection cassette. This piggyBac transposon vector is used to non-specifically integrate and express the Cas9 protein. The puromycin resistance and TK cassette enables selection of integration events, and, if desired, seamless removal of the entire Cas9/selection cassette with Excision-only piggyBac transposase.

  • This vector is renewable (ampicillin resistance).
  • 10 µg size.
  • Estimated delivery is 3-7 business days.