Combining experience and
advanced gene editing tools

Transposagen has been engineering mouse and rat models for over 10 years. Since then we've developed a diverse toolbox of technologies (piggyBac™, CRISPR, XTN™ TALEN) and professional expertise to meet the unique needs of each client. Our milestone-based approach to gene editing simplifies complex processes to mitigate risks from the onset. Our clients are involved in the development process each step of the way, with frequent project updates and detailed milestone reports.

Transposagen's focus on rat models

While mice play a large part in our rodent model engineering operations, our main focus is on rats. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Rat physiology is more similar to human physiology and is easier to study than in mice.
  2. The rat is more intelligent than the mouse and is better suited for behavioral research.
  3. The size of the rat allows for surgical procedures and has proportionally sized organs for drug studies.

A typical rodent knock-out timeline

For more information about our gene editing processes, select the type of edit you need for your rodent model.

Gene Knock-out

Improve knock-out success rates with multiple technologies.

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Gene Knock-in

Increase success rates for rodent gene editing.

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Transgenic/Non-specific Integration

Fast & efficient transgenic rodent model development.

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