Preclinical Oncology Services

With the addition of preclinical oncology services through Hera BioLabs, Transposagen can now be your partner from early discovery through IND enabling in vivo studies.

OncoRat® off-the-shelf for oncology studies in your lab

The OncoRat empowers researchers by broadening in vivo tumor model studies with improved engraftment rates. Engineered to lack B-cells, T-cells, and NK-cells, the OncoRat has a severely impaired immune system. Tumor take rates and growth kinetics in OncoRat are superior to mouse models, thereby improving tumor biology and reducing animal usage numbers. In addition, rats are metabolically closer to humans than mice, and thus the ideal model for efficacy studies, pharmacokinetics (PK), and toxicology all in the same animal.

Pre-clinical Services

Xenograft efficacy studies, using validated models or newly established models of your choice, including collection of blood, tissues and tumor for ADME, PK/PD and analysis.

Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) collections & model establishment.

OncoRat enabling case study: Drug resistant variant of VCaP prostate cancer model

VCaP is one of the most desirable prostate cancer cell lines as it closely models human prostate carcinoma. The models use in vivo has been limited due to very poor take rates (<20%) and high growth-rate variability in mice. However, OncoRat demonstrates robust tumor take rates as well as response to castration as demonstrated above. VCaP is just one of many examples of the possibilities of improved tumor biology possible with the OncoRat.