A high-efficiency alternative to CRISPR nucleases

Transposagen has extensive experience using and producing our XTN™ TALENs. These site-specific nucleases target nearly any gene in any genome with the fastest delivery time in the industry. The XTN™ site-specific nucleases permit researchers to specifically cut any DNA sequence, allowing for the creation of gene knock-outs, knock-ins and single base pair edits.


XTN™ TALEN is a high efficiency, alternative option to CRISPR, featuring particularly high-specificity compared to wildtype CRISPR.

Why use XTN™TALEN?

  1. XTN™ TALENs are more specific than CRISPR with fewer off targets and less risk.
  2. XTN™ TALENs are equally active in most species, but sometimes perform better than CRISPR.
  3. Sometimes, XTN™ TALEN may be the only option depending on the available sequences near the site of a gene edit.
Availability of anchor sequence Frequent Less frequent Plentiful
Activity High Moderate High
Off-Target effects Moderate Not detectable Low
Build time 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks 2-4 weeks

XTN™ TALEN Custom Reagents & Services

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Custom XTN™ TALEN expression vector, CMV promoter (XTN™ TALEN-CMV-T7)

Catalog #: CXN-001

XTN™ TALEN is a CMV expressed TALE pair featuring a C-terminal, dimerization-dependent, Type IIS endonuclease. In Vitro production of XTN mRNA is possible using the CMV-T7-driven expression vector pair.

  • These vectors are renewable (Ampicillin resistance).
  • 25µg size.
  • Estimated delivery is 10-20 business days.
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Custom XTN™ TALEN mRNA production from T7 promoter vector (XTN™ TALEN mRNA)

Catalog #: CXN-002

High purity, transfection ready, XTN™ TALEN mRNA production from T7 promoter vector. This product does not include cost to produce T7 promoter vector Cat# CXN-001.

  • Guaranteed production of at least 35µg.
  • Estimated delivery is 5-10 business days. This estimate does not including the time to produce the T7 expression vector, Cat # CXN-001.
Verified-XTN™ TALEN Map
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Activity verified custom XTN™ TALEN expression vector (Verified-XTN™ TALEN)

Catalog #: CXN-003

Production and activity testing for custom XTN™ TALEN expression vector. Activity testing is performed in cells using an Activity testing is performed in cells using a genomic cutting assay or an episomal-based fluorescent reporter specific to the gene target. A detailed activity report will be delivered with the sequence verified, high purity, transfection ready, custom expression vector. Custom expression vector can be delivered prior to completion of activity testing upon request. In the rare event a custom expression vector fails activity testing, an alternative vector will be built and activity tested at no cost. Limit one rebuild and activity test per order.

  • This vector is renewable (Ampicillin resistance).
  • 25µg size.
  • Estimated vector production is 10-15 business days; activity testing is 20-30 business days.