Bring the latest gene editing
technologies to your lab

We offer a wide array of gene editing reagents and kits to accomplish your project's unique objectives.

piggyBac™ Transposon System

The piggyBac™ transposon is an efficient non-viral method of inserting transgenes and permanently modifying genomes, which has been demonstrated in over 550 peer-reviewed publications.

Footprint-Free™ Editing Kits

Our kits select for gene editing events without leaving scarring sequences behind while shortening timelines and increasing success rates.


Site-specific CRISPR nucleases enable researchers to accurately cut any DNA sequence, allowing for the creation of gene knock-outs, knock-ins and single base pair edits.


XTN™ TALENs permit researchers to cut any DNA sequence and target genes in any genome with the fastest delivery time in the industry.

AAVS1 Safe Harbor Kits

AAVS1 donor vector and AAVS1-specific CRISPR/Cas9 nucleases with multiple validated reagent options.