Rapidly generate stable cell lines with ease

Using Transposagen's piggyBac™ transposons, small to very large (200kb+) cargo sizes can be delivered to cells quickly with long-term stability, getting to results quicker.

When stable cell lines are needed, piggyBac™ can insert small to very large sequences and maintain stable expression for extended durations, surpassing many other options available today.

Table: Application Transgenesis

  piggyBac Retroviral Transient Transfection Stable Cell Generation FLiP-In
Cargo Size >250 kb ~4kb ~25kb ~25kb 250kb only one copy
Ease of cloning Easy easy easy easy easy
Parallel processing          
Time to result fast Two step; must make virus once cloning done Fast but fleeting Same as pBo Two step if making own flp cells
Stability of expression good Silencing common none variable Good if frt site is well placed
Safety concerns none Important none none none
Applicable to any cell? no yes no no no

Fast, Efficient & Versatile

piggyBac™ protein expression exceeds conventional methods even without selection. The piggyBac™ transposon increases protein production through preferential insertion into highly-transcribed regions of the genome while inverted terminal repeats (ITR) provide insulation from gene silencing, leading to higher expression over time.

Chart: piggyBac™ vs. Plasmid comparison


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Engineered cell line, non-specific transgenic gene knock-in

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For a detailed description of this service, and accurate pricing, please contact us for a customized quote. Timelines and pricing will depend on complexity of gene edit and cell type. Estimated delivery of single cell clones is approximately 3-5 months.