Multiple options to knock-out your gene

Transposagen utilizes three site-specific nuclease technologies––XTN™ TALEN, CRISPR, and NextGEN™ CRISPR––to maximize cell knock-out success.

Using site-specific nucleases, Transposagen can knock-out genes with high efficiency. Using the newer dimeric CRISPR build (NextGEN), we produce targeted knock-outs without the off-target problems common among earlier technologies.

Comparison chart of nuclease options

Availability of anchor sequence Frequent Less frequent Plentiful
Activity High Moderate High
Off-Target effects Moderate Not detectable Low
Build time 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks 2-4 weeks

Products & Services

Engineered cell line, specific gene knock-out

Catalog #: KOcell

For a detailed description of this service, and accurate pricing, please contact us for a customized quote. Timelines and pricing will depend on complexity of gene edit and cell type. Estimated delivery of single cell clones is approximately 4-6 months.