Cell culture expertise and
Footprint-Free® gene editing

Transposagen has worked with 75 different cells, either in a full gene editing scope or cell culture scope for characterization and in vivo xenograft studies.

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Full gene editing scope

HEK293 embryonic  kidney
A549 lung, carcinoma
293T kidney
H358 lung, carcinoma
Hs578T breast cancer
Keratinocytes/neonatal foreskin primary human 
Spermatogonial Stem cell rat_ stem cells
hIPSC stem cells
THP-1 acute monocytic leukemia
U-937 lymphoma
HT-29  colorectal adenocarcinoma
A375 malignant melanoma
HCC-4006 adenocarcinoma
MV-4-11 leukemia
MOLM-13 leukemia
FreeStyle 293F embryonal human kidney
KHYG-1 NK cell leukemia
TF-1 acute myeloid leukemia
Jurkat-E6-1 T-cell leukemia
K562 leukemia/CML
CHO-K1 hamster, ovary
CHO-ZN hamster, ovary
DLD-1 colorectal adenocarcinoma
Feline ES cells Stem cells
TALL-104 T-cells leukemia
HUH-7 liver, carcinoma
LNCap prostate cancer
H596 lung, carcinoma
CCD841 normal colon
MCF10A fibrocystic dises, breast
NCM356  normal colon
NCM-460 normal colon
HEK293F embryonic kidney
HeLa S3 cervix, adenocarcinoma
HeLa cervix, adenocarcinoma
C1498 mouse, leukemia
EL-4 mouse, T-lymphoma
E.G7 OVA mouse, T-lymphoma
MC38 mouse,  colon adenocarcinoma
MOPC-315 mouse,B-lymphocyte myeloma
B16 F10 mouse, melanoma
MPC-11 mouse,B-lymphocyte myeloma
A-20 mouse, reticulum cell sarcoma
NK-92 NK cell, malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Cell culture scope

MCF7 epithelial adenocarcinoma
Corning Hepatocells primary human hepatocytes
AMO-1 plasmacytoma
VCap  prostate cancer
KOPN-8 B cell precursor leukemia
Vcap MDVR prostate cancer
OCI-AML2 leukemia
786-0 kidney, carcinoma
HEPG2 hepatocellular carcinoma
HEPG2 CYPs (9 cell lines) hepatocellular carcinoma
MDCKII canis, kidney normal
Upcyte hepatocytes human hepatocytes/characteristic primary hepatocytes
HUCPI cryo human hepatocytes
HepaRG primary hepatocytes
C6 rattus,glioma
Neuro2A mouse, neuroblastoma
MIA-Pa-Ca 2 pancreas carcinoma
CD34+  original human, bone marrow
HT-1080 connective tissue, fibrosarcoma
SH-SY5Y   neuroblaastoma
LUHMES   mesencephalon,neuronal
hNP1   embryonic stem cell
HUVEc    primary umbilicl vein endothelial cells
DR4  (MEF) mouse, embryo fibriblast
3T3 mouse, emryo fibroblast
SW837 rectum, adenocarcinoma
HCC1954 breast cancer
HCT116 colon carcinoma
Adipose stem cells stem cells
Mouse ES stem cells