Advanced gene editing tools
for custom engineered cells

Transposagen has over 10 years of gene editing experience in delivering on challenging genome editing projects. Since 2005, we've developed a unique toolbox of technologies (piggyBac™, CRISPR, XTN™ TALEN) along with expertise in delivering on challenging genome editing projects. Our milestone-based approach mitigates many of the risks commonly associated with complex gene editing projects while keeping clients engaged throughout the entire journey.

Each project milestone is marked by comprehensive data reporting, communications, and feedback to ensure your expectations for quality are being met.

Gene Knock-out

Knock-out genes with high efficiency using the newer dimeric CRISPR build (NextGEN™) and avoid off-target problems common among earlier technologies.

Gene Knock-in

Make precise nucleotide changes without leaving a trace with Transposagen's Footprint-Free™ gene editing system.

Stable Cell Line Generation

Generate stable cell lines with the speed and ease of transient transfection with Transposagen's piggyBac™ System.