Cell culture expertise and
Footprint-Free® gene editing

Genome edited cell lines can be leveraged effectively to contribute to the drug discovery pipeline. For example, disease-linked mutations can be created or corrected, genes can be knocked out or edited for target identification and genes can be inserted to produce valuable reagents.

Even with advanced gene editing tools, to accomplish the goal, cell line editing must be accompanied with optimized cell culture techniques and reagents. Over the past decade Transposagen has developed a process specifically designed to improve success of cell line engineering projects.

One key component is the upfront optimization of cell protocols. In particular for less understood cell lines but this process should not be taken lightly even for the most used cells, as each cell population can have different genetic and physical characteristics. To improve success, we optimize transfection, single cell cloning and cell viability from the beginning. For example, an outcome we try to avoid is failing to single-cell clone a successfully edited cell. Click here to see a list of 75 different cells Transposagen has worked with either in a full gene editing scope or cell culture scope for characterization and in vivo xenograft studies.

Request a Cell Line Evaluation Project – including design and optimization suggestions

In parallel we always optimize the reagents for the most efficient editing. Here is where Transposagen is set apart from other gene editing outfits, in the versatility of our editing tools. We have licenses to and expertise in two targeted nucleases technologies: CRISPR/Cas9 and Cas-CLOVER™. Additionally, the piggyBac® transposon system is unique to Transposagen and a game changer in Footprint-Free editing, complex reporter cell lines and high efficiency bioproduction of reagents.

Case Study: GSK knockout cell line project as published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry in 2015.

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Gene Knock-out

Knock-out genes with high efficiency using the newer dimeric CRISPR build (NextGEN™) and avoid off-target problems common among earlier technologies.

Gene Knock-in

Make precise nucleotide changes without leaving a trace with Transposagen's Footprint-Free™ gene editing system.

Stable Cell Line Generation

Generate stable cell lines with the speed and ease of transient transfection with Transposagen's piggyBac™ System.