Transposagen Issued Key U.S. Patent Covering Rat Models of Cancer

Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., based in Lexington, KY, has announced the issuing of Patent No. 8,722,964 entitled, “Genetically Engineered or Transgenic Rats Exhibiting a Cancer Phenotype Due to a Disruption of Germline Tumor Suppressor Genes” on May 13th. The patent has terms extending through October 22, 2030.

The patent covers all genetically modified rats that model cancer or other hyperproliferative diseases. The patent further covers any assay that screens for potentially useful therapeutic compounds using the genetically modified rats or cells derived from the rats. The patent specifically covers mutations created in any of 253 named genes that are known to be associated with cancer. “This patent, as well as our recently issued patent covering all rat models of autoimmune and inflammatory disease and our pending patents covering rat models of drug metabolism, drug transporters, immune deficiency, obesity, diabetes and pain, places Transposagen as the sole provider of these valuable rat models and assays to the research community,” said Eric Ostertag, M.D., Ph.D., President & CEO of Transposagen. “With our patent position and our comprehensive suite of gene editing tools, Transposagen is the clear leader in the creation of custom rat and other mammalian models or human diseases.”

Transposagen is branding the new rat models of cancer under the OncoRat trademark. Please see for more information, as well as for licensing opportunities or to request custom rodent model creation.

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