Transposagen Announces Partnering Model for its Exclusive Patents Covering Rat Models of Oncology, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases and Issuance of OncoRat™ Registered Trademark

Lexington, KY, April 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

Transposagen, a world leader in genome engineering technologies and services, announced the registration of its trademark OncoRat™ by the USPTO, for use with rat models for oncology in issued patent No. 8,722,964. OncoRat™ covers all genetically engineered rat models with oncology phenotypes, regardless of the method used to create the rat model (e.g. site-specific nucleases, homologous recombination, transposon insertion, etc.).

Access to the creation and use of patented genetically engineered rat lines is being offered solely through comprehensive genome engineering IP licensing and service partnership agreements. Companies that partner with Transposagen will also gain access to genome engineering intellectual property including piggyBac™, NextGEN™ CRISPR and XTN™ TALEN technologies. Transposagen will also perform services for its partners, including custom genetically engineered cell lines, animal models as well as gene editing reagent kits. For more on how it works please visit our Partnering page.

Another issued patent, No. 8,558,055, covers all genetically engineered rat models with autoimmune or inflammatory diseases. Additional pending patents include rats with severe combined immune deficiency (SCID), diabetes, obesity, susceptibility to pain, and phenotypes that are the result of mutations in drug transporter or drug metabolism genes. The phenotype patents also cover cells derived from genetically engineered rat models with specific phenotypes, screening methods, as well as assays and kits for drug discovery purposes. Transposagen is the only company that has freedom to operate with both the enabling genome engineering technologies and the rat phenotype patents. Please contact us to discuss your custom partnership for access to full freedom to operate and genome engineering services.

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