Fast, efficient stable cell line creation with the piggyBac™ gene delivery system

Traditional stable cell line creation is time-consuming, expensive and unpredictable. The result is low, variable expression requiring lengthy cloning processes to find the highest producing cells.

piggyBac™: A faster, more predictable solution

piggyBac™ is a non-viral gene delivery system designed to solve the problems presented by traditional techniques by simplifying bioproduction into a more streamlined process. piggyBac™ technology dramatically reduces the time it takes to identify a high-producing clone, and offers stability over long periods of time without selection. Its large cargo capacity for therapeutic proteins and non-viral nature make it the perfect option for virtually any biotherapeutic.

Advantages of piggyBac™ for bioproduction

  • Non-viral
  • Large cargo capacity for delivery (over 200kb)
  • Stable expression (even without selection)
  • Highly efficient; no need to clone
  • High yield


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