A versatile system for genome editing
and gene delivery


The piggyBac™ transposase technology is a non-viral, gene delivery system designed for use in many different research applications. With a large cargo capacity of over 200kb, piggyBac surpasses many other transposon and viral delivery vehicles, making it the optimal choice for stable cell line creation. The high efficiency and stability of piggyBac™ integration events have proven effective in a variety of genomes.

Capable of reversing integration events, it has proven helpful for phenotypic screens and precise (Footprint-Free™) gene editing projects. To date, over 550 peer-reviewed papers have been published as a result of the piggyBac™ technology.

Graphic: How piggyBac™ works

How piggyBac™ works

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Footprint-Free™ Editing

The Footprint-Free™ gene editing system combines the piggyBac™ excision-only transposase with the utility of the latest site-specific nucleases technologies, including CRISPR and XTN™ TALENs. This process allows researchers to surgically alter a single nucleotide without creating unwanted mutations and select for very rare events.

Graphic: How Footprint-Free™ works