Our People

Meet the people who make Transposagen, a Hera BioLabs Company, a leader in genetically modified animal models, cell engineering services, and gene editing tools.

Yeshi pic

Dr. Tseten Yeshi

Head of Molecular Biology

Dr. Yeshi is a molecular biologist and an expert in genome editing, with full range experience in performing complex gene editing in a broad array of cell types including rodent embryonic stem cells and spermatogonial stem cells. He has worked extensively in development of proprietary modifications in the architecture of piggyBac, TALENs and CRISPR/Cas genome modification tools and combining these technologies for efficient Footprint Free Gene editing: making precise mutations without leaving any undesired changes or “footprint” behind in the genome. Dr. Yeshi has well-developed scientific program management skills and experience, has been a Principle Investigator on multiple NIH SBIR grants and a co-inventor of several patents.


Valeriya Steffey Headshot 2

Dr. Valeriya Steffey

Director, Cell Line Engineering

Dr. Valeriya Steffey has worked for Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals Inc. for seven years, where she has distinguished herself as an innovative leader in both technology and business development. Dr. Steffey is the Director of Cell Line Engineering at Transposagen. Under her management, her team has a proven track record of successful completion of cell line engineering, engineered animal models and R&D projects. As Director, she creates relationships and liaises with customers in academia and industry to initiate and manage projects. As a leader at Transposagen, she oversees new product development.

In addition to her experience in the biotechnology industry, Dr. Steffey practiced medicine for over ten years and performed academic research, with an emphasis in anatomy and neurobiology, providing her with a broad and varied background. She is a published author and co-author of many scientific articles.

Goutham Narla

Goutham Narla, M.D., Ph.D.

SAB Member & Consultant

The Pardee Gerstacker Professor of Cancer Research and a Medical geneticist at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Narla is the CSO and Scientific Founder of Dual Therapeutics, Inc. He has expertise in cancer genetics and xenograft and transgenic models of cancer with over 58 publications in the field.

Fallon Noto

Fallon Noto, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Dr. Noto has 10+ years working with mice and rats, expertise in rodent humanization, cell and tissue transplantation, microsurgery, and ethical animal care with 10+ publications in the field. She is proficient in cell culture techniques of mammalian cells, primary cells, and pluripotent stem cells, including differentiation assays and viral transduction. Dr. Noto is skilled in molecular techniques, including tissue histology, PCR, and protein expression analysis.

Chris Brenzel

Chris Brenzel

Business Development Manager

Mr. Brenzel is the main point of contact for product and service or partnering inquiries. Contact Chris at cbrenzel @ herabiolabs.com or 859-414-0648. Mr. Brenzel was formerly a Gene Editing Sales Specialist at Transposagen. He has experience in sales, marketing and business development in the fields of contract research services and custom gene editing.