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Genome Engineering License & Service Partnerships

Transposagen differentiates itself from competitors on three key levels: unique gene editing technology, strong intellectual property and advanced technicalcapabilities. These advantages can be yours as well through all-in-one licensing and service partnerships with Transposagen.

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Cell Line Engineering Services

Partner with us for leading cell engineering capabilities utilizing the most advancedgene editing technologies. Cell Line services available include stem cells, transformed cell lines and primary cells. Through strategic alliances, we can provide beginning-to-end solutions for pluripotent cell engineering, starting with iPS patient specific samples to differentiated cells.

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Gene Editing Tools & Reagents

We provide reagents and kits for your in-house projects including site-specific nucleases such as NextGEN™ CRISPR and XTN™ TALEN, as well as the piggyBac™ transposon technology, which is required for Footprint-Free™ Gene Editing, the cleanest and most efficient method for editing the genome.

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Custom Engineered Rodents

We provide exclusivity for model creation through our portfolio of patents covering genetically engineered rat models with a broad range of valuable disease model phenotypes including: oncology, autoimmune or inflammatory diseases, severe combined immune deficiency (SCID), diabetes, obesity, susceptibility to pain, and phenotypes that are the result of mutations in drug transporter or drug metabolism genes.

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